I had a friend recently send me this amazing Youtube clip.

Aside from it just being a bit confusing without any context it’s simply amazing to realize that “bullet time fanservice” is now a real thing o.0

I’ve posted the gif of the chick’s super-breasts dodging the bullet before, but this whole clip is gold. 

I seriously question the taste of anyone who legitimately likes this show. 

Also OH MY GOD her tits would be a MASS OF BRUISING. 

You see, I’m not offended by any anime ‘sexism’ or ‘objectification’ because I don’t consider anime people real humans. They’re horrifying large-eyed humanoid alien beasts whose culture revolves around extreme sexuality and ridiculousness. 

I’m being totally serious here. I legitimately cannot see animes as human in any way. 

Hah, this was actually one of my favorite scenes from the anime and yes she does get horribly bruise the episode after. Just in case you are wondering. If you like anime and zombies, I highly recommend this. No seriously, I am not a big fan of ecchi but I got hooked onto this series after the first episode.